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Successful Trading

 Rules for Successful Trading

Futures trading is neither luck nor a game. It is pure business. If traders are set with certains business policies to gain and tackle risk management , future is in Futures not anywhere else.  Traders should learn how when and which time to follow Fundamental and Technical Analysis. Please kindly give notice to following points in your business strategies. 

 Define and adopt a  trading plan.

If you're not sure, don't trade
You should be able to be right 40% of the time and still show handsome profits. Cut your losses and let your profits ride. 
If you cannot afford to lose, you cannot afford to win.  Don't trade too many markets.
Be aware of the trend. ("The Trend is your friend") Don't trade in a market that is too thin.
  Never answer a margin call. Don't attempt to buy the bottom or sell the top.
 Never straddle a loss. You can usually sell the first rally or buy the first break.    
Never greed too much, satifiy the nearest point for stability of success.The picture given below illustrate for profit booking strategy for sucess.