Main commodity exchanges worldwide:      
Exchange  Abbreviation  Location  Product Types
Ethiopia Commodity Exchange  ECX  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  Agricultural
Africa Mercantile Exchange  AfMX  Nairobi, Kenya  Agricultural,equities and energy products
Exchange  Abbreviation  Location  Product Types
Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange  BMF  São Paulo, Brazil  Agricultural, Biofuels, Precious Metals
Chicago Board of Trade (CME Group)  CBOT  Chicago, US  Agricultural, Biofuels
Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group)  CME  Chicago, US  Agricultural, Biofuels
Chicago Climate Exchange  CCX  Chicago, US  Emissions
HedgeStreet Exchange    California, US  Energy, industrial Metals
Intercontinental Exchange  ICE  Atlanta, Georgia, US  Energy, Emissions, Agricultural, Biofuels
Integrated Nano-Science Commodity Exchange  INSCX  United Kingdom  Engineered nanomaterials
Kansas City Board of Trade  KCBT  Kansas City, US  Agricultural
Memphis Cotton Exchange    Memphis, US  Agricultural
Mercado a Termino de Buenos Aires  MATba  Buenos Aires, Argentina  Agricultural
Minneapolis Grain Exchange  MGEX  Minneapolis  Agricultural
New York Mercantile Exchange (CME Group)  NYMEX  New York, US  Energy, Precious Metals, Industrial Metals
U.S. Futures Exchange  USFE  Chicago, US  Energy
Exchange  Abbreviation  Location  Product Types
Bursa Malaysia  MDEX  Malaysia  Biofuels
Central Japan Commodity Exchange    Nagoya,Japan  Energy, Industrial Metals, Rubber
Dalian Commodity Exchange  DCE  Dalian, China  Agricultural, Plastics
Dubai Mercantile Exchange  DME  Dubai  Energy
Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange  DGCX  Dubai  Precious Metals
Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange  HKMEx  Hong Kong  Gold
Iranian oil bourse  IOB  Kish Island, Iran  Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals
Kansai Commodities Exchange  KANEX  Osaka,Japan  Agricultural
Nepal Derivative Exchange Limited  [NDEX]  Kathmandu, Nepal  Precious Metals, Base Metals, Energy
Mercantile Exchange Nepal Limited  MEX  Kathmandu, Nepal  Agricultural, Bullion, Base Metals, Energy
Indian Commodity Exchange Limited  ICEX  India  Energy, Precious Metals, Base Metals, Agricultural
Multi Commodity Exchange  MCX  India  Precious Metals, Metals, Energy, Agricultural Products
National Multi-Commodity Exchange of India Ltd  NMCE  India  Precious Metals, Metals, Agricultural
National Commodity Exchange Limited  NCEL  Pakistan  Precious Metals, Agriculture
Bhatinda Om & Oil Exchange Ltd.  BOOE  India  Agricultural
National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange  NCDEX  Mumbai  All
Shanghai Futures Exchange    Shanghai  Industrial metals, Fuel Oil, Rubber
Singapore Commodity Exchange  SICOM  Singapore  Agricultural, Rubber
Tokyo Commodity Exchange  TOCOM  Tokyo,Japan  Energy, Precious Metals, Industrial Metals, Agricultural
Tokyo Grain Exchange  TGE  Tokyo,Japan  Agricultural
Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange  CZCE  Zhengzhou, China  Agricultural
Exchange  Abbreviation  Location  Product Types
APX-ENDEX  APX-ENDEX   Netherlands  Energy
Commodity Exchange Bratislava, JSC  CEB  Slovakia  Emissions, Agricultural
Climex  CLIMEX  the Netherlands  Emissions
NYSE Liffe    Europe  Agricultural
European Climate Exchange  ECX  Europe  Emissions
Energy Exchange Austria  EXAA  Vienna, Austria  Electricity, Emission Allowances
London Metal Exchange  LME  London, UK  Industrial Metals, Plastics
Risk Management Exchange  RMX   Deutschland  Agricultural
European Energy Exchange  EEX  Leipzig, Germany  Energy, Emissions
Exchange  Abbreviation  Location  Product Types
Australian Securities Exchange  ASX  Sydney, Australia  Agricultural, Electricity, Thermal Coal & Natural Gas